Martin Gallery presents Merlot Moments with Langston Hughes III

Martin Gallery, 18 Broad Street , Charleston, SC 29401


Merlot Moments with Langston Hughes III will take place Saturday, June 10, 2017 at the Martin Gallery from 7pm until. The event is free and suggested donations and proceeds will benefit two organizations. THRIVE is a non-profit which provides transitional housing & holistic services for domestic violence victims & survivors. Proceeds will also benefit The Greg Mathis Charter School. Martin Gallery is located at 18 Broad St Charleston SC 29401.

Martin Gallery and Langston Hughes III (Langston) have partnered to bring art, wine tasting, and classic hip hop to Broad St. This eclectic experience has been painted as Merlot Moments with Langston Hughes III. Langston is a Charleston based Hip Hop group who refers to their sound as Adult Contemporary Head Nod Music."Merlot Moments started as something I did on social media." states Langston co-founder Chawle Dawk the Superstar. “I love wine, particularly Merlot, and often posted music I was listening to online during ‘wine down’ time. It went from music to art and inspirational quotes. I called them all Merlot Moments. It caught on with friends and everyone started to acknowledge the moments." The group thought it would be a cool experience to pull the Merlot Moments off Chawle's timeline and create the experience in real time combining 3 of their favorite things; art, wine, and Hip Hop.

Martin Gallery owner, Candace Martin, suggested Langston bring Hip Hop to Broad St and host their first Merlot Moment in her gallery. The group took her up on her offer and decided this shouldn't just be classy-it should be classic. With that in mind, they reached out to Hip Hop pioneer Kool DJ Red Alert to provide the music backdrop for the evening. "Red was very influential in curating our taste and love for hip hop music back when hip hop wasn't played on the radio. He set the trend." says Maximillion, Langston co-founder. The group also enlisted Charleston legends DJ AKFool, G.Money and their groups DJ Cory B to complete the sound. Hip Hop performances will come from independent artists CHOYCE , Benjamin Starr, Epic/Culture Republic artist Nick Grant, as well as Langston themselves. There will be visual art showings from Whitney Warden(ATL), Elva Lovoz(D.C.) Javet Blunt(SC), and Martin Askem from the UK. To round off the experience, there will be wine tastings with Deepwater Vineyards. More information and donations can be made at


Langston Hughes III is an American Hip Hop group from Charleston SC. The group's music is a natural progression of the golden era of hip hop music they have termed Adult Contemporary Head Nod Music. Visit

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